Day 2: 3rd Bedroom

Now the 3rd bedroom is the smallest bedroom, and will likely be my ‘extra’ space. I do have a plan for it, but to start, it must be emptied out and finished, like everything else.

I thought I took a before shot, but I guess I didn’t. The stuff that was in there was piled up from the 1st room,  I moved it out and  finished  the floor.

This was only 2 coats of Lustre, but looks pretty decent, as this will be a less traffic area. This room will likely have my little pallet sofa (if I ever finish it), and a bookshelf.. And since my old one isn’t very transferable, I’ll be making a new one.


Next Project: Hardwoods in the Living Room




Project #1: Bedroom #1

This is my first post, so it will stink, and it will be incomplete.

Im starting with the main bedroom. I figure as long as I can get my BED in the house, I can move in right away really.. Work on junk removal once I’m in there.

So first things first: The Floors. The living room and three bedrooms are hardwoods, and they are old. I decided to polish the floors myself and not have them sanded and done the fancy way. I’m OK with a little character (read: a lot of character) if its saves me $800 ATM, so manual labor it is.

This week I emptied out the main bedroom (I’ve actually moved things around all three of them a little so far, not having a plan yet), cleaned and swept the floor, and then applied three coats of the luster.

Its not like new, but does look better. Here is a before and after. Its not the best shot since I didn’t think about doing a B&A until after I finished the floors.


Next Project: bedroom #2