Making things pretty

I’ll admit, it’s hard making things pretty on a 1-2 digit-per-project budget.. with a budget like that and my timeline I’ll literally have to live 200 years! But moving on.. finally painted Bedroom #2.

I was torn on colors, almost went with a bright red-orange, but settled on a “smokey”, seafoam blue.


I would have liked a little more green, but I still like the color, and I can do more with other details and accents. I’ll be working on a spread for the bed this spring, one that actually covers the mattress.

I decided to go with an open concept closet. Originally there had been old, wooden, sliding doors, which were just awful. Add to that a drooping pole stretching the length of the closet = no thanks.

I took the doors off and made a little closet shelf


Now originally I was excited about this particular project because I thought that I could do it for about $30. When I realized just how limited the closet space is, I determined that a wooden closet would be too bulky, so I went with pipes instead.

Not the greatest idea Ive ever had. Although they look great, they’re $$$ as hell and I kept downsizing the design to save $. I love the final product, love the dark stained wood that matches the bed frame, but in the end it was over 3x the cost I had in mind when going into it.

I may, or may not, paint the inside of the closet something complimentary to the rest of the room.

Now for the new book shelf:


I really like these crate things, and since Im going to use the design I originally had for the closet to put in my workshop, I’ll have some extra crates that I was using for storage to bring home.

Id like to eventually add to this, maybe another crate or two or three.. its a great addition to any room since you can color them however you like.

Up Next: Painting my original book shelf and making IT pretty too!


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