Basement; Stage… ??

Yesterday was a not-so-eventful day, but it was, nevertheless, exhausting.

I never took a before shot of the basement, but it is and was the biggest mess of all. Ive since added a bunch of my own storage, as well as stuffed and tossed about 25 bags of SHIT

                                               This is the basement, less 25 bags worth of SHIT


Now I don’t have a fancy camera with panoramic capabilities,  so just this shot will have to do.

Now yesterday I wasn’t sure what to tackle. I did the kitchen the day before, with also organizing all my crap into my bedroom and tinkering around in the bathroom.. so I started with emptying out all the xmas decorations that were hoarded in the back (I actually took the picture after I did this, you can see the [now empty] metal shelving in the back/right).

So my next big ‘project’ was the green carpet, which you can glimpse on the left. Its filthy and nasty, and spans about 20 feet.

Didn’t have a utility knife, so standing on it and tearing with my hands would have to do. You know what I say; you can bitch about having to do stuff, or you can just do it. I ripped it into manageable strips of about 2-3 feet, rolled it up, tied it up n tossed it out the door!


Although this only took me <hour, it was exhausting. Having a sore back makes laborious on-takings like this, well, long, hard, and tiring.

But as my motto goes; the best way to get something done, is to do it, and if I can physically do it, then I will.

Three sandwiches and a nap later….

Up Next: No idea at this point!!


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