So here Im tucked into bed, completely exhausted. Today I figured it was a safe bet to clean the kitchen floors. The bulk of the moving in/out is complete for now, and the rain has let up for a couple days I think.

So here I am, writing myself to sleep, with only the light from this tablet to light my way… Im a little dizzy, I haven’t felt this overpowered since I had to deal with plumbing and painting in my studio.

Im mean seriously, who the hell uses LINOLEUM anymore? With linoleum I used a SPONGE MOP, and who that hell uses those? BUt I don’t see a new kitchen in this place in the next year, so…. . . .. …..

I washed, I scrubbed, I scoured, I washed again, I rinsed… since the kitchen has a lot of stuff stacked in it to move yet, I did it all in three parts, and it was so dirty!

I have no pictures to show, not even worth it, just wanted to expend my last bit of strength to document this tedious process, which will never happen again!


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