First Night

So I know it’s been months since I’ve [seemingly] made any progress, or done anything at all with the new place and the move as a whole. Admittedly, things did get delayed, but I have been progressing all winter, spring and now summer.

Most of it was massive detox, destruct, destash, destroy and depart.


I didn’t think most of it was very interesting, not an exciting story to share, but I did “DIY”

Now for the floors, I did end up redoing them, Professionally. It was the right thing to do, and now was the the only time it could have been done. and WOW what a difference eh??


And lastly now, I finally spent my first night in my new room. Remember it started out a pale, sage color with a shabby bed and decor? Here’s a messy, slept in bed in “Bedroom #1”

imageStill a long way to go, and very likely another dumpster. I, really loving the clean, freshness of the  three bedrooms and LR being empty and sterile.. Now to just make it last!

Next up… New sofa coming soon!


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