Building a Bed

I said I didn’t want the original bed frame that came with these mattresses, and I meant it. Here’s a platform bed frame I put together yesterday.12655949_820752031367006_1055113011_o

You can’t tell by the photo, but it’s really high. Too high, in fact, given the size of the room. I cut the legs at 18 inches, which would have been better suited, at 12 inches.

I could also ditch the box springs, which will delete about 6 inches as well, which might be the likely option, since with the platform, you don’t need the boxspring.

Ill paint it, the legs at least, since they’ll be visible under the throws and blankets Ill be making for it.

I really have to get to work on this house so I can move my ass in.. as my creative surge at my actual day job is shot. And there’s so much to do to take a regular house, the definition of average, and make it really, really cool.

Up next: Nothing very interesting at all. Tomorrow Ill be cleaning out the closets, since, when I started all of this, I skipped right over them. Reason being I was storing some of the stuff from the rooms (clothing, computer, desk and shoebox upon shoebox of stuff). But they’re pretty important for moving in.


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