Bedroom #2

So I’ve been dreading bedroom #2, and there’s a reason for that: Bedroom #2 was not only the one with the most stuff, but it also had a CARPET in it!

Over the [last] weekend, I decided to take it on; to clear it out and finish the floors. I could really use the work, it’s amazing how manual labor can really redirect your mind.. and you know they say about idle minds..

So here’s what im starting with right now


As you can see, I have a lotta shit to move first. A couple of hours were first spent breaking down the beds, and them taking them, and the 5 mattresses down to the basement. Also, there’s a ton of books to the left you can’t see, but everything had to be removed first.

Then, the carpet had to be pulled up.


This was total filth. I can’t believe the mess that carpet padding makes! I had to spend another couple hours going around with a crowbar and pulling up these wood strips that were nailed to the floor, and then pulling out the nails themselves.

Then, I had to go around on my hand and knees with pliers and pull out each an every staple. Then I went with a razor and scraped off all the sluge and foam from the padding.

And THEN I hand-scrubbed the stains off. Only.. they didn’t all come off, but I can live with some character. Boy did this smoke my back good!

But then I mopped with some deep clean.


Not as much improvement as I had hoped, but I ain’t turnin’ back now..


Here’s after 2, and then 4 coats of Lustre. Look at the difference even from the previous image of 0 coats vs 2 coats. Can’t complain I guess..


So this is the bed from bedroom #1. I originally wanted to keep one of the twin beds, but the double was so much nicer, so that’s the one Ill be keeping in the ‘spare room’.

Now I won’t be keeping the frame, I hate it, but it holds the bed until I can get a basic metal one to replace it.

Now this room will be pretty awesome when Im done, it just might take a while.


Next Up: Painting bedroom #1 and moving my bed in!



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