LR: Day 3


Tonight I finished the Living Room.. in other words, I did the hallway (top) and in front of the front door (I couldn’t move everything out at once, so I did it in phases.) This will likely be the last shot, since Im sure it’s getting boring to see the before and afters of the hardwood restoring.

Now this only 3 coats, I really wanted to do 4 but I ran out of time tonight. As for the walls in the main bedroom, Ill have to check the out at a few different times of the day, but once I narrow it down to one or two, ill get a sample and try it out.

Once I get past a certain point that I can move in, I can slow it down a bit, but I can’t let up until I get there.

I had a lot of fun tonight, I really like hanging out in this room! I got some workout in in-between coats and a new magical brew to get me through it all 12557202_811441592298050_1287032474_o


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