LR: Day 2

Tonight I finished the Living Room.. and don’t get excited, its not empty.. in fact, no where in the house is. I move everything from the room being mopped to somewhere [anywhere] else in the house until it’s complete.

I called in the trash the other day for a large pick-up, so I have to take out a few of the pieces in the AM, so the floors needed to be finished tonight so they can be tread on again on the morrow, and the rest can be returned.

Had a good brew (Allagash Belgian White) and a real interesting PLAYLIST (shut up, don’t judge until you’ve seen it.. it was the only DVD in a house with no cable set up yet!)


I don’t think the floors look that much better, but if they’re a little more protected, then I’m A-OK with it.

Tomorrow I’ll head to the Home Depot for some paint samples since painting the 1st Bedroom will be next.. if u know me at all, or have followed any of my platforms, uknow that my Art is pretty Dark, so what you’ve seen thus far, is not the house I will be living in by summer.. prost!


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