LR: Day 1

So today I didn’t take up a lot of time, I do have a business to run and, unfortunately, 2 sinks in my house that won’t drain (like, at all). So efforts were short.

I cleared out the Living Room to prepare for cleaning and lustreing.  Some of the furniture is large, can’t just put it where anywhere ya want it, so the hallway that connects to the LR will be done serperately.

I really liked hanging out tonight.. had some Sam Adams with me and cranking out with the sponge mops (can’t believe they still make ’em). Only did one coat before the bottle was empty. Doesn’t look too hot. This floor was really bad. I’d actually like to get a sander and take the bull by the horns, but I don’t that’s allowed lol.

So, Ill put at least 2 or 3 more coats on it and use an area rug or two to cover some of the wear.


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